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Garage Equipment

Extraction Equipment - Autoparts Garage Equipment

Autoparts Garage Equipment offer a wide range of fixed and mobile extraction systems, available for large commercial workshop up to small vehicle workshops and MOT bays.



spring recoiled hose


Spring recoiled hose reels

In this arrangement the extraction hose is manually wound onto a drum located above the work area. An internal leaf type spring and ratchet locking mechanism allows the hose to be dispensed for connection to the vehicle exhaust tailpipe.

  • Drum sizes available are 650mm,850mm wide.
  • Exhaust hose size connections include 75mm,100mm,125mm,150mm.
  • New exclusive 200mm double spring model capable of lifting 12.5. Meters of 200mm hose and nozzle.
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fixed& semi flexible point


Fixed & semi plexible points

The fixed and flexible point is supported from the roof or wall to a area aside the vehicle. A flexible extraction hose and nozzle is then connected to the vertical duct section which incorporTS A 'J' bracket for support in use.

  • Ideal for an MOT type application.
  • Low cost solution .
  • Exhaust hose connection size includes 75mm,100mm,125mmand 200mm.
  • Can be offered with couplings for instantaneous connection of hoses .
  • Can be tailored to suit dynamometers and other plant type applications.


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vex kit 8


Vex kit 8 

This portable free standing fume extractor is fitted with a 240v extraction fan providing an economical extraction solution across a range of vehicle types.

  • This unit is ideal for a single bay mot stations and independant garage workshops where a fitted system may not be economically or physically practical.
  • Ideally suited to twin or awkwardly positioned exhausts.
  • Supplied ready to use with all COSHH  certification for the first 12 months included.


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p15 filter


P15 filter (car & vans)

P15 filter is designed for indoor use for temporary diving of cars and light vans.

  • Ideal for temporary movement of cars and vans in the workplace(showrooms).
  • Simple and easy to mount on any type of exhaust.
  • Efficiency>99%
  • Odour reduction,visable heat haze.
  • Max engine size < 4.0L.
  • Max rpm <2500/ min.
  • Max constant temperature <200oc
  • Weight 0.4kg.
  • Each filter element lasts for up to 200 starts of engine.
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l20 filter


L20 filter (commercial)

L20 filters are designed for indoor use for temporary friving of trucks,buses and other commercial vehicles. A single unit can be used on a range of different commercial vehicles.

  • Efficiency >99%
  • CO seperation ~30%, max.engine size 14L at tick over only.
  • NOx seperation~ 60%,RC HO seperation~ 90%
  • HC seperation~35%
  • Engine size from 5L to 14L at tick-over only at 200oc
  • Weight 5kgs.
  • Other options on application.
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